Jeep Grille


It is the ultimate expression of freedom, but Paramount Automotive takes what Jeep made and makes it yours.

We have the accessories, grilles, bumpers, and more to make your Jeep stand out from the rest. Our Jeep products are one of the few whose name on them from start to finish of manufacturing. “Paramount” is in our name and it shows in our products but not in our prices.

Jeep Grille


From improved style to functional additions, Paramount Automotive Grilles for your Jeep will give you what you’ve been asking for.

We not only have inserts that completely change the look of the classic grille design but can also add a light bar to the front of your Jeep. We also have simple inserts that add to that unmistakable design so you can retain what makes it a Jeep grille while still making it your own.

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Jeep bumpers


Paramount Automotive Bumpers are a great way to add style and function in just a few hours to your Jeep.

From full-width to stubby-width, from standard bumpers to rear tire-carrier versions – we have bumpers that will make your Jeep look good and work as hard as you play. Best of all, our bumpers are also all bolt-on and come with all the hardware required to install, so you don’t have to cut, drill, or hunt down bolts or wires to make them work.

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Jeep Fender Flare

Body Armor

From protecting a pristine body to covering some damage, Paramount Automotive has Body Armor for your Jeep that works for what you need.

Our Body Armor is made to be tough and uses powder coated steel for high durability and impact resistance. They are also designed to fit your Jeep with minor cutting and drilling in a few cases. Regardless, we include all the hardware you need to make it work.

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Jeep Doors


Ultimate freedom means being able to take the roof and doors off to enjoy open driving.

Paramount Automotive offers Doors for your Jeep so you can retain that feeling without feeling overexposed. Our Jeep Doors offer factory-quality, adjustable latches, so our doors close as easily and tightly as they did from Jeep. What’s more, all our front doors offer Military-tough mirrors that can take the impacts and strikes you’ll encounter while on the trail and function as good as they had when you first bought them.

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Jeep Fender Flares

Fender Flares

Paramount Automotive Fender Flares for your Jeep give you the tire coverage you want for big tires or the room you need for articulation.

We even offer flares with LED lights for road legality and additional functionality. Many of our fender flares bolt on to the OEM Jeep hardware but all of them come with the hardware you need for installation.

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Jeep Rock Sliders

Rock Sliders

When you’re hitting those difficult trails, Paramount Automotive Rock Sliders give your rocker panels the protection you require from boulders and obstacles.

Our Rock Sliders are made to take the impacts and scrapes you’ll encounter while driving on your favorite rock crawling spot. We even feature sliders that are designed to give you protection and a place to put your foot to hop into your lifted Jeep.

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Jeep Roof Rack

Roof Rack

You pack your Jeep to maximum capacity inside it when you’re out trail riding, but sometimes you need more room.

That’s why Paramount Automotive has the Roof Rack system you need to meet your demands. Our racks work with the factory roof of your Jeep, so there is no cutting or drilling required for installation and provide a capacity that rivals many others on the market without the dramatic price.

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Jeep Accessories


Your Jeep doesn’t come with everything you need but Paramount Automotive gives you the accessories you require to complete your ultimate Jeep.

From grab handles to D-rings and everything in between, Paramount Accessories for your Jeep to give it the style, function, and convenience you demand. Our high-quality products come without the premium price, too. That means you can get on or off the road on your budget.

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